You are most welcome to experience Christ and share in the warmth of fellowship over a cup of tea with fellow believers.


Zone fellowships are as old as the early church.In Romans 16:5,1 Corinthians 16:19 and Philemon 1:2 the apostle Paul acknowledged the existence of the home churches.This model is still effective in ensuring that we are our brother’s keepers and encourages the continuation of “ church '’ beyond the walls of the physical building called church

@ NRC,there are five zones each with a zonal leader as well as a pastor who provides spiritual oversight.The fellowships are held once a month in a home setting.


Heb 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same Yesterday Today and Forever.

Brief About Us

The Nairobi Revival Centre is a Church duly registered in Kenya. It started on 31st August st  2014 and was officially launched on 08th of March 2015 at Eden Annex Primary School in Saika Estate.


Laxmi Hub along Komorock Rd,
off Kangundo Rd,Opposite Saika Estate
+254 725849395
+254 733333176

We are happy to hear from you.